Impact of Planned End of COVID-19 Emergency Periods on Employer Health Plans

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The Administration recently announced its intention to end both the COVID-19 pandemic national emergency period and the public health emergency as of May 11, 2023. The end of each will bring about many public health developments, including very significant changes related to employer-sponsored health plans. Read more

Connect with the Power of Conversation

The art of leading a productive and enlightening conversation is at the essence of success. Whether you’re conducting a job interview, talking to a client, or working with your team, you need the power to get as much out of every conversation as you can.

You need to inspire, to be purposeful and clear, to obtain and share quality information, and to connect on a human level—all of which needs to happen naturally and in as few words (of yours) as possible.

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Employee Benefits for Remote Workers

As your organization has settled (or is just now settling) into offering remote work as a long-term solution after the pandemic, it’s time to re-evaluate your employee benefits strategy to match the needs of your remote employees.

It’s not surprising that employees working from home have different needs than those working in an office. While it may seem obvious, it will still take time and effort to design a strategy that matches these new needs.

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How to Make Feedback a Superpower for Work and Life

As children, we practiced the experience of receiving feedback in school. We wrote an essay, submitted it, received marks from the teacher, and improved our work to get a good grade. We did this over and over again. So why is it that, as adults, we’re afraid of receiving constructive feedback or participating in collaborative conversations? When we present our work, our heart rate rises, our voice shakes, and we can’t sleep at night because we’re worried about how it went over.

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