Ignite the Innovation Flame

Innovation is important– no matter what industry you’re in.

Some may say innovation is a buzzword, but leaders need to keep an eye out for new and exciting ways to do so that they can grow, thrive, and survive in an ever-changing business environment. After all, you can’t solve new problems with old solutions.

Leaders can’t just skip to the fun, though. They need to cultivate an innovation culture that encourages (and inspires!) everyone. To do this, leaders must understand their role, any behaviors that drive innovation, and how to sustain that kind of culture once it’s created.

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Risk-Proof Your Business: Four Tips to Safeguard Success

“Business risk.” A phrase that may sound alarming, yet it’s part of owning a business. Both internal threats (slip and fall hazards, theft, high employee turnover) and external threats (economic downturn, computer hacking, a pandemic) can threaten to crumble your business’s foundation, but how you prepare, prevent, and reduce the amount and degree of risk is entirely up to you. 
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IRS Reminds Plan Sponsors of Cafeteria Plan Claims Substantiation Requirements

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The federal Section 125 “cafeteria plan” regulations permit health plans to reimburse participants for qualifying medical and dependent care expenses on a pre-tax basis through health flexible spending accounts (FSAs) and dependent care assistance plans (DCAPs).

If claims are improperly substantiated, any contributions participants make into these reimbursement accounts can lose their tax-favored status and may instead become subject to taxation as gross income for participants.

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Saying Farewell in Style: Mastering the Art of the Offboarding Process

Many companies have an onboarding process and know what to do when welcoming employees into the fold of everyday operations and processes.

But what about offboarding?

In a Zippia survey, 71% of respondents said they had no formal offboarding process, which shows that either companies haven’t created their offboarding process yet or are confused about implementing one.

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The Head, the Heart, or the Hands: Which One Are You?

In today’s competitive landscape, we’re constantly told there are things we need to cultivate in order to gain success.

While scrolling through social media, we see videos promoting skills we need to learn to get our next raise, get hired, or grow in our careers. We’re trained to compete with one another, stand out, set ourselves apart from our peers, and be successful.

Learning skills and educating ourselves is, quite literally, at the core of professional success. But at what point does this kind of competition get in the way of finding success?

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