Human Resources Information SystemsHuman resources information systems are how businesses communicate in our modern world. Remember workplaces filled with carbon copy forms, typewriters, and rotary phones? Neither do we. Today’s business moves at lightning speed and technology is the difference between keeping up and kicking butt.

New technologies are being developed every day to tackle complex issues and time consuming tasks more quickly, efficiently, and confidentially. Provide these tools to your HR Department and things can get pretty exciting.

Your Human Resources professionals are the key communicators of your business philosophy, culture, procedures and core values. Wouldn’t it be great if they had more time to concentrate on these important functions instead of getting bogged down with endless employee benefits plan administration, paperwork and questions?

At Employee Benefit Consultants, we offer online tools and technologies that allow your HR department to do just that.

We have solutions to help your team:

  • Simplify benefits enrollment
  • Track time off requests
  • Streamline benefits elections
  • Benchmark health claims data
  • Keep up on new legislation and compliance issues
  • Communicate benefits and other information to employees
  • Increase employee access to HR and benefits information (desktop and mobile)
  • Decrease printing and distribution costs

Happy, healthy employees create higher morale, a smoother running business and a better bottom line. So put down that slide rule and let us help your HR department be more strategic, focused and efficient.